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Year 7 and 8 Newsletter

Wadja Education

Term 1, has been very rewarding. With the year 7’s joining high school for the first time, Wadja Wadja High School is pleased to see these young students mingle and adapt so well. As the new year 7 and 8 classroom teacher, all I can say is that I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching this group of students.

Coming from Brisbane and originally from India, I have found the students at Wadja Wadja High School attempting their best in what they enjoy doing. I have learnt immensely from the students in being patient and of being reflective of my work in the classroom.

Most of the students of this group are visual and kinaesthetic learners and their enthusiasm is reflective in their work when completing a project that caters to their learning ability.

In this term some of the rewarding activities were of the students making a ‘volcano erupt’ and baking their own chocolate cookies. The year 8 students also built a model of the animal cell which is a part of the Australian Curriculum.

This term the students have definitely improved on their literacy and numeracy skills that has brought them a long way in the course content.

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