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Our Principal

From the Principal

The main aim of Wadja Wadja High School is to give our students the opportunity to learn, grow and explore life’s opportunities. To achieve this, our curriculum is designed so our students will be able to follow a learning journey that leads to a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) whilst at the same time doing so within the relevant indigenous cultural context. 

The main learning pathway in our Senior school curriculum is through the VET program. At Wadja Wadja we want to ‘raise the bar’ with our students so that they can have a real opportunity to achieve a QCE and gain a positive outlook for their future. Our message to our students is clear. The staff at Wadja Wadja are here to help the students succeed.

We want our students to have opportunities after they leave our school, so Wadja Wadja is also developing new links with local industries to provide work experience, traineeships, and apprenticeships.