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Wadja Wadja High School challenges the way Indigenous students are taught and supported to reach their potential and prepare them for a fulfilling life.

The cornerstone of our teaching philosophy is that we must reinforce, support, and grow the Indigenous child’s connection to their culture in tandem with delivering an appropriate and comprehensive education.

Our curriculum is designed so that it is in harmony with the Australian Curriculum whilst at the same time placing this learning into a context that is culturally relevant. By using this approach our students will be able to follow a mainstream learning journey that leads to a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) with the possibility of tertiary study, either within the vocational or university sector whilst at the same time doing so within the relevant indigenous cultural context.

Another emphasis in our Senior school curriculum is School-based traineeships and apprenticeships. This enables students to be involved in paid work with on the job training leading to nationally recognised qualifications. Wadja Wadja is developing links with local industries in order to deliver these outcomes for our students.


Wadja Wadja High School has a literacy and numeracy focus through all the study areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Health, and HASS. WWHS also has a reading program called MYON and a numeracy program called MATHPATHWAYS which are both on-line. Each week, junior students have the opportunity to attend a cooking class with a chef and the teacher.


Wadja Wadja High School has moved from the standard curriculum to a VET centred curriculum to better accommodate the learning style and the needs of the students and leads more readily to a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). This year the VET offerings include a cert II work readiness course commonly referred to as FSK, a cert II volunteering program, a cert III remote pilots license for drones and very soon a cert II in cookery with a commercial kitchen at the school.

Junior Curriculum
Secondary Curriculum