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Our Story

History of the School

On the 8th September 1982 the first letter relating to the establishment of a high school at Woorabinda passed between the principal of the Range Convent High School and the Woorabinda Community Council.

On the 24th January 1984 Wadja Wadja High School opened its doors with an enrolment of 21 students catering for years 8 and 9.

The Certificate of Incorporation of an Aboriginal Association was certified on the 7th June, 1990 forming the Wadja Wadja Aboriginal Corporation of Education.

The first members of the corporation were:

  • Terrance Gregory Munns             
  • Gerald Andrew Doyle
  • Noris Frederick Blair
  • Kenneth Edward Tranby
  • Valerie Joyce Tye
Our Purpose

The objectives of the Corporation are to:

  1. Further, foster and promote the economic, educational, cultural and social development and general advancement and wellbeing of the aboriginal peoples from time to time resident, or entitled to be resident, within the trust area of which the corporation is now the trustee;
  2. Advance the education of young aboriginal people;
  3. by undertaking activities such as:
  4. Operating the school to provide secondary education to children of all eligible persons for no fee dedicated to the values of aboriginal education and with a commitment to the philosophy of care in accordance with the corporation’s mission set out in rule 3;
  5. Encouraging students to develop their own particular gifts in a community setting;
  6. Providing a wide range of activities for students which will encourage their self-realisation, self-discipline, self-confidence, the development of imagination, the meeting of academic challenges and positive health and fitness;
  7. Training eligible persons as teachers;
  8. Providing technical, educational or financial aid for missions and charities caring for the physical wellbeing of aboriginal people;
  9. Encouraging educators and others to assist in the education of the children of eligible persons and of aboriginal persons generally;
  10. Provide training and skill development to aboriginals’ resident in the trust area and to promote, assist and encourage their employment in places outside the trust area;
  11. Train and develop the vocational skills of aboriginals’ resident in the trust area; and
  12. Doing all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.


Our Values

Respect for self and others                        

  • Strong sense of community
  • Leadership
  • Self Determination
  • Cultural Identity
Strategic Focus Areas

Listed below are the high-level Strategic Focus Areas the organisation will be focusing on as it strives toward achieving its vision and mission.